Our Values

Empower, inspire and uncover potential

We are committed to supporting others in finding their own solutions to the issues they face. We believe that everyone has innate wisdom and the potential to live fulfilling, meaningful lives. Our work is focused on helping to uncover this potential both in ourselves and in the communities around us. We are particularly passionate about working with those who experience disadvantage or prejudice. Our work is largely participant-led and is always based on mutual respect and a celebration of diversity.

Connect people and organisations

We love making connections, building networks, bringing people together and helping to provide unusual solutions to everyday problems. We frequently work in partnership with other organisations and are enthusiastic collaborators and co-creators.

Create high-quality work which is both useful and beautiful

Whether we’re making films, running clubs or supporting others in setting up their own projects, everything we do is done with a commitment to excellence. We actively encourage all those we work with to draw on the best they can achieve, whilst prioritising their well-being at all times.